Funeral & Sympathy Flowers

Express your condolences with flowers and sympathy gifts.

Writing a card or choosing the right arrangement to send can be a difficult process. If you are having trouble, give us a call or read more in our sympathy guide.

Favorites in Sympathy


Funeral flowers help convey your deepest sympathies in tough times. Send your condolences with a funeral wreath, fireside basket, standing spray or bouquet for the home. Same-day delivery is available locally to Ellenton, Parrish, Palmetto and other nearby cities as well as to cities nationwide. Order online or call us today for personalized assistance.


Flowers are a kind way to express your condolences at a time of loss. Funeral arrangements tend to be larger and more extravagant than an everyday bouquet, since they represent the sentiments of love and support in tough times. Roses and calla lilies are traditional flowers for funerals, and carnations are also a popular choice. Funeral flower arrangements can also be created with tropical flowers and in bright colors. When celebrating the life of a loved one, it's not uncommon to send flowers that he or she would have chosen for themselves.

Funeral flowers range from pure all-white arrangements to traditional red rose displays to bright and colorful designs; there really is nothing off-limits these days. For custom designs of your loved one's favorite flowers, call us directly and our expert designers will help craft something unique just for them.

Ellenton Florist delivers funeral and sympathy flowers to: Bradenton, Ellenton, Parrish, Palmetto, Wimauma, Fort Hamer, Rubonia, Duette, Sun City, Terra Ceia, Memphis, FL and surrounding areas as well as to cities nationwide.

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